Invention Management Tool

This is a platform to effectively manage the idea and innovation in an R&D organization. It captures the idea and manage its roadmap till the patent grand, involving innovators, R&D managers, patent department and senior management for tracking , modification, rejection, approval, patent filling and grant. 

Idea/Innovation Management Platform should have interface for user to log new ideas/inventions in to the system. Once the idea is logged, it need to go through a defined process where it should be evaluated, discussed and if needed modified to be considered for innovation. Many of the ideas will go to next stage to be cleared at company level for patent filling or for project initiation however some of them may be rejected or to be kept on hold as per their usability and applicability with respect to companies objective. Idea management module will manage such things.

Based on the merit of idea, evaluation boards will give a score and there could be companywide invention score board to motivate people to file their ideas proactively and at the same time to ensure that the researcher gets proper recognition for his work as well.

Patent award system will help in creating and managing such reward and recognition for inventions. Patent resource repository will help individuals to study and learn about IP and patent, get new updates of IP world on their own.

There must be some feedback method where in the people are encouraged to give feedback about improvement of system or about their own ideas. Patent forum can be helpful in sharing the knowledge and information related to patent and IP in general. Once the idea get approval for patent filling, it should be linked to patent filling system to ensure that the inventor or R&D team has all the updated about how the status of the idea.

We have given a generic example of IM tool frame work and its functionality ; however it should be designed as per the need of the organization.