Yes, your invention is secure with us. Details of your innovation will only be taken after the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is signed between us. All employees of Parintek Innovations are under NDA which will help to safeguard your invention. Further, as a precautionary measure we have a project-based NDA as well for all the personnel involved with your innovation.

Once your idea is submitted with us, we will do a quick check for shortlisting it weighing on the factors, whether the idea is a patentable subject matter, non-patentable subject matter, falls under the category of abstract idea, etc. We will further contact you if your idea has a novelty linked to it and is a patentable subject matter through the contact no. provided in the form filled by you during the registration of your idea. We will have an NDA signed where we will get the details of your innovations in its entirety. Further, we will perform deep analysis on the details provided by you for your innovations. Although, being shortlisted and getting a call from our side does not guarantee for getting a patent, all will be subjected to the present state of the art and various other factors

We will try to respond as soon as possible but all will be dependent upon few factors namely the workload, complexity of the innovation, etc.